A shingle roof system will qualify as an Integrity Roof System™ for SureStart™ PLUS when all of the following conditions have been met:

All CertainTeed products must be installed in accordance with the CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual (SAM) and applied over a clean, dry deck (lay-over or roof-over installation does not qualify)
All SureStart PLUS jobs must be supervised by a Master Shingle Applicator

Waterproofing Underlayment:
CertainTeed WinterGuard™ is required as follows:
  • Must be installed at the eaves if required by local building code, or when the roof system is in a snow zone, or north of the following states: NC, TN, AR, OK, NM, and AZ
  • Must be installed at all roof penetrations
  • Must be applied as a valley liner for closed or woven valleys
  • Is recommended as a valley liner for open valleys; otherwise, open valleys must be installed in accordance with NRCA Roofing Manual specifications
Shingle Underlayment:
  • CertainTeed Roofers’ Select™, DiamondDeck™, RoofRunner™, or ShingleFelt™ must be installed
  • If CertainTeed products are not available, then the underlayment must meet ASTM D4869 or ASTM D226 (non-perforated) or ASTM D6757 standards of performance
Starter Course:
  • Must be CertainTeed pre-cut starter or made from CertainTeed shingles
  • Must be CertainTeed shingles with a warranty duration of at least 25 years
Hip and Ridge Caps:
  • Must be CertainTeed pre-cut hip and ridge accessory or made from CertainTeed shingles
  • Must be installed to meet applicable model code requirements or building code standards
  • Must have adequate intake and exhaust vents to achieve proper net free ventilation area
  • If ridge ventilation devices are installed, they must be CertainTeed Ridge or Rolled Ridge Vents
Flat Roof Sections:
  • If a Flintlastic® System is part of the job, up to ten (10) squares will be covered as follows:
    – Flintlastic SA 2-ply system  (nailbase and cap sheet) for 12 years
    – Flintlastic SA 3-ply system  (nailbase, plybase and cap sheet) for 15 years
    – Flintlastic SA 3-ply system  (nailbase, midply and cap sheet) for 20 years
    Refer to the Commercial Systems Specifications Manual for the warranty duration for all other Flintlastic systems
  • Approved CertainTeed Commercial Systems Specifications must be used
  • Torch-applied systems must be installed by a CertainTeed Commercial Roofing approved contractor
5-STAR Coverage Additional Requirements:
  • Can only be offered by a SELECT ShingleMaster
  • Must be installed by an MSA-qualified crew
    (50% of installers plus all supervisors)
  • The 5-STAR Operating Agreement must be signed and registered with CertainTeed before this coverage is sold
  • Installation must conform with the CertainTeed SAM required and recommended procedures
  • All metal flashings must be new

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